Junior Ski Jumping Program

Do you dream of being in the Olympics?  Did you know Norge is one of the top learning centers for Olympic Ski Jumping in the USA?  Norge Ski Club has 5 jumps from beginner to advanced available year round.  In our program, participants will learn the fundamentals of the sport in a as well as the ability to compete in our annual Autumn and Winter tournaments.  Most equipment is available for use at no additional charge.  Beginners can also use alpine ski equipment (winter only).  Great sport for families with multiple kids – they are all in the same place at the same time!

Our programs run from May through November (depending on weather, we may not jump in November) and January through March. Beginners train Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

We offer a free trial practice (with advance notice).

Contact Ashley Stanton at 224-633-3804 or Guy Larson at 847-804-6190 for more information.

Ski Jump Safety Video

Thanks to the Alaska Ski Jumping Club for Sharing This Video

Norge Training Program

Beginner Ski Jumping Program


Please come dressed in snow gear if you have any, including snow overalls or snow pants and coat, good gloves, warm socks, water bottle. Wear “exercise clothes” under your snow gear.


Equipment is provided and we will make every effort to accommodate everyone.  So please come out, we will try to get you outfitted in our loaner gear.   Skis, boots, SOME helmets and goggles are available. If you have your own helmet and goggles, please bring them.


Our experienced and Olympic trained coaches will work with you.  In most cases you will begin on our smallest hill, the 5 meter.


Please park in the lot outside our main entrance.

PARENTS – Important

We request that younger jumpers have a parent stay with them to assist and cheer their child on during practice; older jumpers can be dropped off after the proper paperwork is complete and an emergency contact number is provided.

An adult needs to sign a waiver and registration before jumping the first time.


Registration Form

Norge Family Packet

Our beginner trial rate is $50 a month but you can try the first night at no cost.

Weather Conditions and Season Length

We will try to practice until it becomes too warm.  During adverse weather conditions we do fitness training in our locker room.  We hope to jump through February and possibly early March.  We take off April then begin jumping on plastic (there is plastic on all 5 of our hills) by mid-May through Thanksgiving.

Ski Jumping Library

Great resources for ski jumpers: How to manuals, training tips and equipment maintainance.

Ski Jumping In Motion

Ski Jumping in Motion

Ski Jumping 101

Ski Jumping 101

Equipment Resources

Basic Winter Ski Waxing

Equipment: brushes (1 metal, 1 nylon), Scraper, groove tool, iron, wax

  1. Clean the ski of old wax and dirt. Using your metal brush, Brush the ski (tip to tail), usually 4-6 passes is adequate.
  2. Apply wax and iron in. Do Not overheat base, 2-3 passes with iron is plenty. Let ski cool to room temp.
  3. Use groove tool to remove wax from grooves. Use a SHARP plastic scraper to remove excess wax. (tip to tail)
  4. Use metal brush (tip to tail) to remove wax in the structure of the base. Usually 4-6 passes.
  5. Use nylon brush to polish base. You can apply more pressure and go back and forth if you like.

Waxing is a great time to inspect your skis and bindings and address any issues. Check for gouges, delamination, loose screws, heal clips are secure in boot, safety straps, etc.

There are many videos on Youtube, and wax mfg websites like: Start, Toko, Swix, FastWax etc. Find videos for basic glide waxing for XC skate skis.

Wax: there are many solid, pastes and liquid waxes, on the market, it can get overwhelming. After a good hot wax, liquids, and paste waxes are a great way to quickly and easily maintain your skis in the winter for temp specific conditions.

Start SG8 available at enjoywinter.com is a great base wax that will cover colder conditions and is hard enough to be used in summer.

USA Noedic

Check out USA Nordic, to find out what’s happening in the world of Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined.  Explore their website to learn more about what’s happening with our National teams, athlete/family resources, and more.